Intervention/transformation, multi-media. Steel ball, string and clip, magnet, flour. 2016. Installation view at Bahnhof ZOO, Berlin, February 2016. Video courtesy of the author.


«Pendlulum» is an interventional transformation realized at Bahnhof ZOO Berlin. It addresses the forced mechanical automation of the space, as if separated by invisible walls, imposed upon the space by the rules it is submitted to. The pendulum fuses the movements of actors contributing to the amalgamation of the system into one beating heart. Cars, trains, pedestrians, bikers, give life to this system. Every one of them contributes to the beating of this unifying heart. No matter how small, an impact would be registered. The pendulum is inevitably moved as actors send out their move-mental waves throughout the system.

The resulting space is united by its beating heart. It serves as a unifying module for all actors intertwined in a complex system. They all influence and contribute to its movement. The unity of the system is pronounced through the animation of the pendulum.